The people we have helped

Patience and Benjamin

Patience and her husband, Benjamin, struggled to make ends meet because of the high cost of living and lack of support for asylum seekers

They couldn’t afford necessities like food and had difficulty finding jobs. They reached out to Christine, our Digital Inclusion Officer, for help. Patience was studying healthcare but struggled with her essays because English is her second language. Benjamin faced constant job rejections and felt disconnected from his loved ones abroad. They couldn’t afford internet access or a laptop

Luckily, they found hope when they met our Digital Inclusion Officer, Christine. Christine ensured they received SIM cards with internet data and unlimited calls and texts, allowing the family to connect digitally. With Christine’s guidance, Patience learned how to use Grammarly to improve her English writing skills. This boosted her confidence immeasurably, and she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

Benjamin also learned about job opportunities in healthcare through the charity and enrolled in an English course for healthcare workers. He also got help in creating a professional CV and cover letter for job applications. With his improved computer skills, he started getting interview callbacks.

Patience and Benjamin’s story shows how digital inclusion can transform lives by providing essential skills and resources. It reminds us of the importance of support and opportunities for creating a more inclusive society

Christine has been helpful and encouraging at every step of our digital journey. I am finally getting my search for work off the ground.

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