News 2021

4 November 2021

Video of food and conditions at Serco-run hotel

A man who fled the humanitarian crisis in Yemen has shared pictures of food and conditions at a Liverpool hotel run by Rupert Soame’s Serco multinational. The meal includes a bruised apple, an unidentifiable meat and portions of pasta.

7 October 2021

Meet the families living with refugees

Readers’ Digest meets the volunteers opening their homes and their hearts to refugees.

5 October 2021

It’s like Airbnb for refugees: UK hosts and their guests

Think of it as Airbnb for refugees, quips Robina Qureshi. It’s a simple premise: people with a spare room in their house are matched with a refugee or asylum seeker in need of somewhere to stay.

15 September 2021

Shafiq Mohammed, Asylum rights campaigner, 3 September 1966 – 8 September 2021

By Robina Qureshi Sometime in 1993, a 27 year old Pakistani-Scots university student dropped by my office. He asked if he could volunteer. Shafiq Mohammed said he was interested in social housing. He took a great interest in the area of discrimination in social housing affecting poor people. We discussed discriminatory policies,…

26 August 2021

The Afghan Crisis and the need for the U.K. Government to recognise the worth of refugee hosting networks

Positive Action in Housing is geared up and ready to offer homes to Afghan civilians through our Room for Refugees Network. We are extremely concerned about the escalating humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. We fully expect to see a surge in referrals of Afghans in the coming weeks and months similar…

19 August 2021

Safe return to the office!

It’s not how it used to be, but today was the first time we had a significant staff presence in our office since March 2020. Everyone in our team is self testing twice weekly – Sundays and Wednesdays – and mask wearing is Mandatory as well as ventilation of…

17 August 2021

Afghan Resettlement Scheme

Responding to the news that Britain will launch a new resettlement scheme for Afghans who are most in need of help, especially women and girls, after the Taliban seized control of the country, Robina Qureshi, Director of Positive Action in Housing said: “We welcome the news that the U…

15 July 2021

Positive Action in Housing’s Football team to enter refugee tournament in August!

The Rangers Charity Foundation has donated a set of kit to Positive Action in Housing’s football team – Glasgow’s very own ‘Dream Team’ who come from as far afield as Sierra Leone, Kenya and the Ivory Coast. The team, which includes three survivors from…

6 July 2021

Patel’s anti refugee bill

With the “Nationality and Borders Bill” the UK is torching its international human rights obligations under the 1951 refugee convention. We are in danger of committing crimes against humanity by turning back those in need of safety and treating them as criminals. History will shame us. Human beings will…

28 June 2021

Offshore processing of asylum seekers?

More false flags from Priti Patel the home secretary, with her latest “plan” to send refugees somewhere far away while their applications are processed. There is nothing she can do to stop asylum seekers arriving by small boats across the Channel. Successive British governments have been trying and it is…

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