News July 2024

21 July 2024

Home Sweet home from Glasgow

Home Sweet Home for 28-year-old Suliman, from Iraq who received a positive asylum decision recently after spending a year staying in a hotel provided by the Home Office asylum housing contractor Mears group. When he contacted us a few weeks ago, he lived in an empty flat.

19 July 2024

Letter from Gaza

In this blog, Dr Hashem Salim expresses his gratitude for the support and intervention of our members and supporters that has saved the lives of 9 family members who were able to leave Gaza three months ago . He also shares the hardships faced by his father-in-law who remains in Gaza with other family members.

18 July 2024

Positive Action in Housing refugee programme receives £10,000 funding

Glasgow-based Positive Action in Housing, a homeless and human rights charity, has been awarded £10,000 by the Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust.

29 June 2024

Honorary doctorate for our CEO!

Congratulations to our CEO Robina Qureshi who was made “Doctor of the University” by the University of Strathclyde for her contribution to human rights.

26 May 2024

RIP Professor Greg Philo

It is with profound sadness that we report the passing of "fearless academic" Professor Greg Philo, co-founder of Glasgow University Media Group who literally wrote the book on TV bias. He was also a long-standing friend of our charity, a generous donor, humanitarian and someone who hosted people from refugee backgrounds.

2 May 2024

Rwanda policy leading to asylum seekers going underground

UK ministers have acknowledged for the first time that they have begun detaining asylum seekers in Glasgow and other cities across the UK to be removed to Rwanda, prompting demonstrations outside Home Office buildings. This has prompted fears that asylum seekers will simply go underground and become undocumented permanently.

30 April 2024

Rwanda Act: Briefing for People Impacted

You may have heard news that the Home Office are currently detaining people who are vulnerable to be removed from the UK to Rwanda under the new Safety of Rwanda Act. This does not affect everyone seeking asylum- please read the following information carefully to find out if you are affected. If you have any concerns that you might be impacted, please speak to your lawyer as soon as possible. If you do require support call us on 01413532220 between 10 am and 12 noon Monday to Friday.

28 April 2024

Home Office to detain asylum seekers this week amid Rwanda preparation

The Home Office is set to detain asylum seekers this week as part of its preparation for deportation to Rwanda, according to reports.

8 April 2024

A letter from Cairo

Last month, we asked our supporters to help the family of one of our service users, Dr Hashem Salim, a Palestinian living in the UK. Your support led to us helping ten members of Hashem’s family to leave Gaza and enter Egypt. Here below is a letter from Hashem’s mother, to everyone who supported the family, shortly after she arrived in Cairo.

28 March 2024

Breaking: We saved lives today!

With the help of our members and supporters, several members of 29 year old Dr Hashem’s family, including children and young people, have been permitted to leave Gaza and are right now on their way to Cairo. Help us help them to find safe accommodation.

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