Asylum seekers

Challenging your reporting conditions

If you have made an immigration application or have claimed asylum you may have to report (sign) at the Home Office at a specified time each week, two weeks, or month or sometimes less regularly than this.

Aspen Card Problems

If your ASPEN CARD does not work, or you have not received it, or have lost it...

BRP Card

The Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is a government-issued physical card carried by Refugees and immigrants in the UK as a form of identification. In addition to your name and birthplace, the permit will also contain biometric information (your photo and fingerprints), and information about the specific status that you hold.

Do you need an ARC card?

The ARC is a credit card-sized plastic card issued by the Home Office to individuals who claim asylum. It contains information about the holder’s identity or claimed identity although it is not evidence of identity.

Government statement on eligibility for the Afghan citizens resettlement scheme

The government has released a policy statement on eligibility for the Afghan citizens resettlement scheme. The update contains details on Afghan relocations and assistance policy, integration support, and other cohorts of Afghan nationals and their family members. Published: 13 Sept 2021

Afghanistan Resources from GMIAU

Greater Manchester Immigration Advice Unit has set up information about Afghanistan and summarises the options for people seeking asylum in the UK from Afghanistan, with GMIAU’s advice.

Afghan Academy - Helpline and Resources

Afghan Academy’s helpline provides emergency services for the Afghan community, local authorities and sector agencies in need of support. The A-Z Guide is kept updated and lists support agencies and contacts.

Doctors of the World - multilingual resources to support people from Afghanistan

To support people from Afghanistan, Doctors of the World has compiled a list of resources for individuals and for professionals who are working with them. Languages available: Dari, Pashto, Farsi and Urdu.

Afghanistan Country of Origin Information (COI)

The Afghanistan COI Repository presents current country information on Afghanistan using national, regional and international sources. Supported by Refugee Action and developed jointly by Asylos, ARC Foundation and Clifford Chance, this will be updated every Thursday until further notice.

Handbook: UK Immigration Options for Afghan Citizens

What does the Afghanistan crisis mean for the status of Afghans in the UK? This handbook gives an overview of the immigration and nationality applications that Afghan citizens may be able to make.

Permission to work and volunteering for asylum seekers

The Home Office may grant permission to work to asylum seekers whose claim has been outstanding for more than 12 months through no fault of their own.

The Right to Remain Toolkit

A guide to the UK immigration and asylum system

Free food

Links to food banks

Help to meet vital travel costs

Asylum applications have to be submitted in person in Croydon, yet most asylum seekers can’t afford the cost of travel without assistance. The Emergency Relief Fund offers travel grants to people seeking asylum to enable you to attend important appointments with the Home Office.

BME, Refugee and Migrants Directory

Links to a wide range of support organisations without language or cultural barriers

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