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Refugees and asylum seekers: How to get a bank account

Find out the steps to take to get a UK bank account if you're a refugee or asylum seeker.

HC2 certificates (full help with health costs)

This briefing tells you how to get full help with your healthcare expenses.

Aspen Card Problems

If your ASPEN CARD does not work, or you have not received it, or have lost it...

What is an ARC card?

The ARC is a credit card-sized plastic card issued by the Home Office to individuals who claim asylum. It contains information about the holder’s identity or claimed identity although it is not evidence of identity.

Homeless in Glasgow?

Some useful resources for people from refugee or migrant backgrounds. Remember to check out the interactive food map.

Are asylum seekers in the U.K. allowed to work or volunteer while awaiting their asylum decision

The Home Office may grant permission to work to asylum seekers whose claim has been outstanding for more than 12 months through no fault of their own.

Appointment Clinics and Outreach Surgeries

Free, independent and multilingual advice and information for people from BME, refugee and migrant communities.

Resources for people fleeing Ukraine

Includes information on humanitarian corridors, border crossing, travelling further, asylum, practical resources, shelters/accommodation, phone calls and communication, information and journalism, medical support, psychological support, resources for companies and job seekers, legal support, and how to offer support.

Free bus travel in Scotland for under 22s

All young people and children aged 5-21 years are supposed to be able to access Free Bus Travel Scheme from 31 January. But sadly the system blocks asylum seekers and those not born in the U.K., sending them on a fruitless merry go round.

The Right to Remain Toolkit

A guide to the UK immigration and asylum system

What are human rights?

From the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Free food

Links to food banks

Asylum seekers in the UK: How to get a bank account

This briefing tells you how to get a bank account. Content created by Positive Action in Housing. See also:

Positive Action Network

Discover useful contacts and resources for people from BME, refugee, asylum-seeking, and migrant communities. Access a wide range of support organisations that offer multilingual and multicultural services. Resources throughout Scotland and the entire UK. To have your organisation or service included in the online Directory, simply sign up for a login. To claim an existing listing, or to alert us to errors, send an email to, and we'll be happy to assist you.

PAIH Guidance for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme - in Ukrainian


BRP Card

The Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is a government-issued physical card carried by Refugees and immigrants in the UK as a form of identification. In addition to your name and birthplace, the permit will also contain biometric information (your photo and fingerprints), and information about the specific status that you hold.

Housing rights and options for Ukrainians - UKR/ENG

Get some tech

Fill out this form to request a smartphone or laptop

Home office guidance on living in asylum accommodation

Home Office guide for asylum seekers staying in temporary accommodation while their claim for asylum is assessed.

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