14 March 2022

Ukrainian Refugee Appeal - Act Now

Here’s what you can do to help Ukrainians fleeing war in the worst refugee crisis since World War 2. We have transformed lives for the better with the help of volunteers, donations and spare rooms.

12 March 2022

Lift restrictions on Ukrainians entering the U.K. NOW

We have just arranged shelter and crisis support for a Ukrainian refugee, we have room - our hosting programme has had over 2,500 registered offers of shelter - but the U.K. Government must lift restrictions like other European countries & let refugees in NOW.

11 March 2022

Call for Registered Social Landlords to let tenants offer spare rooms for refugees

Registered Social Landlords are being urged to allow their tenants to offer spare room to war refugees, as a show of support and solidarity with all refugees.

9 March 2022

The Ukraine Refugee Crisis and Refugee Hosting

The Ukraine crisis has led to a surge in enquiries from members of the public asking to volunteer and offer spare room in their homes to refugees fleeing the war.

3 March 2022

The dangerous rhetoric of British politicians targeting ordinary Russian citizens

The dangerous rhetoric of British politicians targeting ordinary Russian citizens living in the U.K. must be condemned.

3 March 2022

The Ukraine Crisis … and the Nationality and Borders Bill

Since the Ukraine crisis began, Positive Action in Housing has been inundated with letters, and offers of volunteering and shelter, for those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

28 February 2022

Asylum seekers being “short-changed” by Home Office

The Home Office has been accused of “short-changing” asylum seekers by failing to pay them money the High Court said they were legally entitled to.

24 February 2022

New Chair for Positive Action in Housing

Alasdair McKee has been named as the new chair of Positive Action in Housing, the housing and homelessness charity which works to ensure equal access to housing for people from BME and refugee communities across Scotland.

29 January 2022

Aminah’s baby appeal

Our readers may remember Aminah whom we wrote about a few weeks ago, she and her husband were placed in a hotel in Glasgow for 15 months. Well here’s an update …

27 January 2022

Interlinked smoke alarms legally required in every Scots home from February 1

Interlinked smoke alarms are legally required in every Scots home from February 1. (STV news)

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