29 September 2023

Brook House inquiry condemns potential human rights abuses behind bars

Last week, after many years of investigation, a report into conditions at Brook House was released. It detailed the treatment of people seeking asylum there that potentially amounts to breaches of human rights laws, causing physical and mental harm to those detained.

21 September 2023

UK Government Proposal to Introduce X-Ray Testing on Children Seeking Safety

The UK Government is proposing ionising radiation as an age-assessment test for young people who are seeking asylum.

15 September 2023

UK asylum system forces people into poverty

As we leave the summer months, it is likely that we will once again see the worst impacts of the cost-of-living crisis across the UK.

8 September 2023

Deadly Strain of Legionella Bacteria Found on Bibby Stockholm Barge

New tests on the Bibby Stockholm barge have confirmed the presence of a deadly strain of legionella bacteria. The bacteria was initially detected when people boarded on August 7th, leading to an evacuation. The water system was flushed, but tests on August 15th found the dangerous strain. A petition has also been launched to abandon the barge plan. The Home Office has not yet released the latest test results.

8 September 2023

Asylum seekers on Bibby Stockholm got sick from Legionaire contamination and resulted in suicide attempt

Thirty-nine asylum seekers who were briefly accommodated on the Home Office’s controversial Bibby Stockholm barge in Dorset have said conditions onboard were so bad that one was driven to attempt suicide.

7 September 2023

Open Letter challenging changes to the move-on period

Recent shifts in policy have seen people who have secured refugee status facing severely reduced move-on periods, leaving them at risk of homelessness and destitution in the weeks after getting asylum.

1 September 2023

Urgent Changes Needed on the Bibby Stockholm

A fire safety report conducted by safety inspectors examining the Bibby Stockholm found five urgent changes that needed to be made onboard. They cited risks to life in the event of a fire. People seeking asylum had already been moved on to the barge.

27 August 2023

Home Secretary’s plan to house UK asylum seekers on ‘deathtrap’ barge faces legal hurdle

Suella Braverman’s stalled plan to house asylum seekers on a giant barge is facing a major legal hurdle after firefighters threatened the government with a judicial review, claiming the vessel is a “potential deathtrap”.

26 August 2023

Family-owned business makes 10k donation to pioneering project sheltering refugees

Positive Action in Housing - whose pioneering project Room for Refugees rehomes displaced people - is being given )10,000 by one of the city's leading employers!

24 August 2023

Asylum backlog almost doubles as researchers warn Illegal Migration Act could create ‘perma-backlog’

Today it has been announced that the number of people waiting over 6 months for an initial decision has increased by 57% creating another record high. In May, the number of people waiting over 6 months rose above 128,000, marking a 3200% increase over 12 years. 

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